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Authors: Kévin

Date: 2022 07 02

It was a while back now that I started to slowly move things off of ProtonMail (now Proton) over to Runbox and

I did this for a few reasons, and because I'm a Good Christian(TM) I will use this handy bullet point list :

A minor point for me was not having IMAP / SMTP access for Dela.Chat but never really a big problem since I used runbox and dabbled with a self hosted solution for a bit specifically for that.

In full transparency I use their VPN offering very regularly and I have an Invizbox + Invizbox Go.

However, recently though they made a lot of changes, one of them being the insane amount of space my account type got thrown up to (three tarabytes to answer that question). The Android app got fixed and using (now also a Proton property) fixes the rest of the things.

I'm still using for OH.MG's mail and a couple other domains are still on runbox, but I've moved OM.Gay back to Proton and having to organise my mailbox a bit better again after I gave up on getting Mailbox Zen(TM) as I prepared to run initially.

Updated Proton, unified protection

Proton and SimpleLogin are joining forces

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