Welcome to Advent of Beer, 2019 edition! I have a box containing 24 mystery beers from a local bottle shop in my hometown. Each day leading up to Christmas Eve, I will open a new beer and write a short review about it.

This year I will be posting my reviews exclusively on Gemini. This is part of an effort to publish more original content here, and to ensure that even fewer people will ever read this. Gopher has simply gotten too crowded for my taste ;-) This time around, I will also be experimenting with a mobile friendly 40-character line width.


Dec 1 - Happy Friendsgiving

Dec 2 - Stone w00t Stout

Dec 3 - Champagne Velvet

Dec 4 - Murk Honcho

Dec 5 - Harvest Raspberry Peach

Dec 6 - Lindemans Strawberry Lambic

Dec 7 - Little Saint Nick

Dec 8 - Hazel's Nuts

Dec 9 - Underground Mountain Brown

Dec 10 - Over the Moon

Dec 11 - Todd The Axeman

Dec 12 - Breckenridge Christmas Ale

Dec 13 - Rainbow Sherbet

Dec 14 - Barbados Slim

Dec 15 - Bright White

Dec 16 - Staff Magician

Dec 17 - No Mooed to Bake

Dec 18 - Hobo Life

Dec 19 - Raffaella

Dec 20 - Imperial Cafe Brown

Dec 21 - Saison 13 (Megadeth)

Dec 22 - Incipient Sour Ale

Dec 23 - Fistmas Holiday Ale

Dec 24 - Santa's Cookies

Last year's reviews on gopher

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