nytpu's place

Hi! I'm Alex (a.k.a. nytpu), and I do some programming and electronics projects. I also watch an extreme number of movies and sometimes write about those. I sometimes take pictures, but i don't publicise the majority of them.

I've been on Gemini since May 2020—not necessarily on this specific site—and have browsed Gopher off and on for longer.

gemlog things

my gemlog — long-form writings on a variety of topics

my flight log — short, microblog-esque snippets and stream-of-consciousness thoughts

other stuff

code & programming projects

photos i've taken

about & contact

my public comitium feed

cheetah a day! aptly posts a cheetah picture a day.

snep a day! posts a snow leopard picture every day.

furry art i've commissioned

misc usually one-off stuff

why gemini? a persuasive mini-essay on why people use gemini

some public domain books translated to gempub

the project gemini gemini archive — archiving project gemini (the space program)

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