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tfurrows phlog

thrig.me bphflog — Degrowth


JeanG3nie's Capsule — Zond updates: gettext and tinylog support

smolZINE — Issue 39

Roche Limit — a capsule — Exam Prep is Not Education

Roche Limit — a capsule — All change - a new job

thrig.me bphflog — Jevons Protocol

ocean's log — a game is when a guy is on a screen

Cheetah a Day — Day 938:

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 612

winter's gemlog — Hidden Communities


Rob's Gemini Capsule — AI and the Dead Internet

📝 Korruptor's Gem Log — | 🚲 Canyon Spectral On

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 611

Metamatters — SGGS Revisited

Alex Schroeder’s Diary — Gemini and curl

☣ StackSmith — And Now, Back To Inflation

Senders' Gemlog — My Ideal F1 Weekend

Lettuce gemlog — Mini daily solo bike game

Cheetah a Day — Day 937:


foo.zone feed — KISS server monitoring with Gogios

nm03's gopher hole in Tokyo, Japan

thrig.me bphflog — Music of the Spheres

Solene'% — Backport OpenBSD 7.3 pkg_add enhancement

🤖 epoch's "blog" — hackvr -- brain dump of hackvr related things

Lettuce gemlog — 5 Years With a Personal Wiki (vimwiki)

☣ StackSmith — Lagging Mouse Mystery

JBanana's occasional gemlog — Caller ID and scams ☎

Cheetah a Day — Day 936:

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 610

winter's gemlog — Oof


JeanG3nie's Capsule — Neuralink and Autism

Rick Umali phlog

left_adjoint's strange ramblings

🤖 kelbot's gemlog — Un-Shittifying Wordle

An Inhabitant of Carcosa — The Computer Is A Dream

rlamacraft — The Personality of Software Engineers

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 609

maeve's thoughtspace — A Tangential Remark on Procrustean Epistemologies

subphase.xyz | ⠋⠇⠕⠺ — 'Up, Simba': David Foster Wallace on the Presidential campaign trail & UK citizenship

Cheetah a Day — Day 935:

thfr's Digital Gemini Garden — Hospitalist Inspirations 2023-05-31

thrig.me bphflog — Composing with Constraints: Episodes I-III

Michaelʼs Gemlog — Today I Lost an Important Thing in My Life

Freezr Gemlog — Asus L210MA lid screen issue with XFCE4 on Devuan 5


Rob's Gemini Capsule — Technology in My Dreams

moddedBear's log — Bayes Filter

Michaelʼs Gemlog — A Recommendation: Future Histories Podcast

Solene's % gemini capsule - a gemini tech blog — Backport OpenBSD 7.3 pkg_add enhancement

thrig.me bphflog — Toy Orbit Simulator

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 608

Cheetah a Day — Day 934:


JeanG3nie's Capsule — Re: Missing the Point

Amit Yaron's Gopherhole

Anna's Phlog

Rob's Gemini Capsule — 2023 Week 19/20/21: Status and Photos

Cheetah a Day — Day 933:

axxuy's Gemlog — Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep?

Solene'% — Send XMPP messages from the command line

☣ StackSmith — Linux Pains

A chronological list of all journal entries. — Summer is here

Alex Schroeder’s Diary — Net news

thrig.me bphflog — The HTTP client person as seen from Gemini

winter's gemlog — Bubble

Ruario's Gemlog — Sbanken/DNB a.k.a. ApplePay support workaround

Snow Leopard a Day — Day 607


glaciurso's phlog


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