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I generally avoid mentioning it on this capsule, but if you've even visited my Fediverse account (@nytpu@tilde.zone) then you'll see that I'm a pretty massive furry. Here's various art I've commissioned, I figured here'd be a good place to put it over whatever random platforms that you'd have to dig through.


Tamun — fluffy wyvern

Reference Sheet (CW: vaguely suggestive nudity)

Ref sheet by dreiko94

Evi — rufous-morph Western red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis calurus)

SFW Reference Sheet (CW: featureless but suggestive detail view)

Ref sheet by Unimpressive

Echo — eyeless creature

Reference Sheet (CW: featureless nudity)

Ref sheet by Zazi


Evi avatar

By Roxy

Echo lounging while listening to MiniDiscs

By Tsunderdog

Smol chibi-esque Tamun

By Hexephre

Tamun flying in front of mountains

By Tsunderdog

Tamun avatar

By Roxy

Tamun sketch page

By Sockeye

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