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I was planning on posting these pictures on the web, but instead I decided to put them up on Gemini, I guess to demonstrate that you can actually host pictures on here and it's a really nice experience to browse them in something like Lagrange. The photos aren't necessarily good or artistic but they are ones I like, and I organized them in roughly reverse chronological order. I'll update this page from time to time when I take another I like.

All images are taken on a Nikon D7200 with a Nikkor 22–55mm or a Nikkor 80–200mm, a Canon AE-1 Program with a Kiron 80–200mm or a Vivitar 55mm, or an Olympus XA.

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photos chronologically

⁂ separates the most recently-added batch of photos from the previous batch.


[3.8mib] tricolor mountain

[11.7mib] i don't mean to be hubristic but i feel like a regular Ansel Adams with this shot

[10.1mib] little waterfall

[2.4mib] bald eagle sittin' pretty in Marble, CO

[4.2mib] hangin' out still

[3.8mib] after takeoff

[1.6mib] poor bald eagle getting mobbed by a crow

[1.7mib] cont.

[1.3mib] starting to get away from the crow a bit

[2.9mib] one of my local red-tailed hawk pair

[3.7mib] the other of the pair

[4.1mib] both of them courting

Old pictures but freshly released, chronologically following great horned owl chicks over a few months

[3.8mib] on a kill

[3.5mib] (different angle)

[6.2mib] friend-shaped, as long as you're not a smol critter

[4.5mib] the leg lift

[5.2mib] A mule deer


[4.3mib] nurse shark!

[3.7mib] sharks cont.

[4.3mib] sharks cont.

[3.7mib] sharks cont.

[4.1mib] sharks cont.

[3.5mib] when the eel in the reef has your heel in its teeth, that's a moray.

[4.2mib] that's a fine lookin’ ’sprey right there

[4.1mib] ’sprey cont.

[5.0mib] hewwo mr. cwow

[5.0mib] an alligator(?)

[11.4mib] alligator cont.

[5.1mib] alligator cont.

[3.9mib] A TARS balloon that I saw floating

The Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) is an American low-level airborne ground surveillance system that uses aerostats (moored balloons) as radar platforms.

[7.6mib] A pair of ospreys in their nest. I also saw these two gathering materials for the nest but couldn't get a picture in time :(

[3.4mib] A Gasteracantha cancriformis orb weaver (out of focus a bit)

[3.1mib] flying red-tail

A stunning red-tailed hawk on a kill in a neighboring yard.

[5.1mib] 1

[5.2mib] 2

[5.5mib] 3

[7.2mib] 4

My local Swainson's Hawk friends had some babies it looks like!

[3.7mib] A closeup of a large bird nest, with some balls of fluff visible poking out the top. There is also a beak and head poking up from one of them.

[4.2mib] A Swainson's Hawk perched on a dying tree, staring directly at the camera

[3.2mib] The same hawk in the same spot, but now looking off towards the right

I think these were some of the first film photos I ever took, all on the same hike.

[5.3mib] A grainy film shot of green, snow-capped mountains off in the distance

[5.2mib] A small path stretching off, with beetle-kill trees leaning over the path and alive pine trees around those.

[4.3mib] A muddy river in a forest with some dead trees fallen over the it.

[2.9mib] Mount Rushmore through a pair of trees, shrouded in mist.

Taken at an unknown time on Oahu, Hawai'i

[1.5mib] A high-contrast B&W shot of a metal walkway going into a pitch-black cave, with vines and jungle flora surrounding the entrance

Some more pictures of my red-tailed friends on the path near me

[1.1mib] A B&W shot of a pair of red-tailed hawks sitting in a tree

[1.0mib] The same pair from a different angle

1-month exposure on homemade pinhole camera. I was hoping to get a solargraph-like thing, but the camera looked like a pipe bomb so I taped it up in my less-advantageously-positioned bedroom window rather than in a public spot. It should be noted that this is black and white photo paper. The entirety of any image on this paper would ordinarily be greyscale. Another thing to note is that this was never developed or fixed, it went right from the camera to the scanner without any chemicals.

[1.6mib] A paper scan that's a peculiar pink shade, with a circular image in the middle, with faintly visible features

[2.1mib] Croppped version of the previous image with just the circular image visible, with slight adjustments made. The pink is deeper, and in the faint image some trees and a horizon is visible. There is also a small trail from the sun visible in the middle left.

[1.5mib] A path bordered by very thick brush with trees in the background.

Taken on a trip to Castlewood Canyon State Park in Colorado.

[1.6mib] A black and white shot looking at the far wall of a canyon. There are several small and medium sized pine trees in the foreground, and there's a shadow of a large pine tree in the center, with the tree itself slightly visible on the left.

[2.4mib] A B&W vertical photo of a small frozen waterfall and river nestled in a forest, stretching off into the distance.

[1.3mib] Same photo as the previous, but horizontally cropped and exposed slightly differently.

[1.3mib] A B&W photo of a snowy path curving off with leafless bushes forming an arch over it.

[1.2mib] A B&W shot of a river iced over with clear ice, with snow piled up on the edges and in the middle, with the river flowing around the middle snow pile, and also through a hole in the pile cut by the water.

[2.3mib] A black and white shot of a scraggly-looking pine tree jutting straight up, growing out of a rocky ledge on the near side of the canyon. There's a clear sky and rocky Colorado prairie in the background on the far side of the canyon.

Somewhere on the western slope of Colorado? Taken in 2020, developed recently.

[1.2mib] A B&W photo of a dirt road snaking around a bend, with a snowy pine forest on the hills around and some light clouds in the sky

[3.3mib] One of the pair of hawks again. Maybe just finished eating, it sat there for probably 20 minutes.

[2.9mib] Flying away when people walked underneath it.

[885.6kib] one of the mating pair of Red-Tailed Hawks that lives by me

[1.6mib] same one coming in for a landing

[9.0mib] Both of them in a tree, one landing (top right) and one taking off (bottom left)

[1.4mib] The one that took off in the previous picture flyin'

[859.6kib] A little after the previous picture

[1.9mib] a hawk just hangin' out on a tree

[4.4mib] takeoff


[1.1mib] my overexposed and chromatically aberrated attempt at capturing the great conjunction on 2020-12-21.

[1.1mib] an annotated version so you can tell what's what

[947.2kib] an alternate lower-quality image

[1.5mib] my old red-tailed friend in a tree

[1.0mib] preparing for takeoff

[1.2mib] flaps goin'

[2.6mib] bald eagle by heber, utah

[1.3mib] soaring

[1.0mib] still going

[3.6mib] a cooper's hawk friend i made in my backyard

[2.6mib] the same cooper's hawk from a different angle

[4.2mib] a clouded leopard taking a nap

[3.9mib] a big boi in a strange sleeping position

[4.2mib] a hungry girl

[10.4mib] she standing

[5.3mib] nom nom

[4.0mib] lion around

[4.0mib] awoken

[3.7mib] annoyed

[3.9mib] still annoyed

[5.0mib] he s t r e t c h

[4.5mib] the classic serval experssion

[4.5mib] long legs

[4.6mib] a sleepy african wild dog first thing in the morning

[4.4mib] later in the day and a little more active

[4.2mib] the same awd a short while later

[4.4mib] a red-shouldered hawk that i regularly see on a path i walk on, these are the only shots i've gotten of it though

[4.2mib] looking around

[3.4mib] relocated, munching on its rabbit

[1.5mib] very suspicious a few seconds later, i made a noise accidentally

[4.0mib] f-16s flying over my house

[3.8mib] closeup

[3.9mib] american bison at rocky mountain arsenal (yum chemical weapons)

[10mib] zion national park

[4.3mib] somewhere in utah


[2.1mib] a reef shark

[10.2mib] a spire thing at an unknown location

in my first and only foray into astrophotography, i took a picture of jupiter when it was really close and easy to see.

“Jupiter will soon be so close to Earth you’ll be able to see its moons without a telescope”

taken with a 200mm lens, around 150 shots "stacked" with the siril image processing program

[276.1kib] digitally zoomed in to see more detail (and the horrible chromatic aberration of my lens)

[2.0mib] the uncropped version of the previous photo

[567.6kib] a stacked moon pic taken the same night

[2.5mib] an underwater hallway

[3.0mib] a very liminal space


[1.8mib] the backside of the great sand dunes

[1.3mib] a manta ray


[1.6mib] the u.s. capital building

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