raek's capsule

Welcome to my capsule! I'm raek [rɛːk] (Rasmus Bondesson), an all over the place nerd from Sweden. This capsule was launched 2022-07-17.

Latest Posts

2023-03-09 (blog) New Case for my BITX40 Radio

2023-01-26 (gemlog) Family, toki pona, Playdate, Bitsy, and the Clarinet

2023-01-03 (gemlog, toki pona) pali anu lape

2022-11-18 (gemlog) Joined Mastodon

2022-10-31 (blog) OS Integration Files in Python Packages

2022-10-07 (gemlog) Making my Blog Mobile-Friendly

2022-09-14 (gemlog) Python and Debian Packages

2022-09-06 (gemlog) On my mind

2022-08-17 (blog) Launch of Omloppsbanan, an Orbit for Swedish Geminauts

2022-07-21 (blog) Electromagnetism, integrals and symmetry

My Stuff

Everything on this capsule (raek.se) is only served on Gemini. Stuff also available on HTTPS is served on separate subdomains (for example, blog.raek.se).

Gemlog - Gemini exclusive!

Here I write shorter texts. More personal. Less sensical.

Blog - also on HTTPs

My blog is served on both Gemini and HTTPS. Most of the posts were written before I launched my Gemini capsule, but have been converted to gemtext for comfortable reading.

Recommended Capsules and Pages

Gemini space is an interesting place! This is where I keep links to things you should check out.

lipu tomo pi jan Wekan

ni li lipu tomo mi kepeken toki pona.


A Python library for hosting orbits ("webrings").

Books I've read

Chronological list starting from 2019 (when I had a reading resurgence).

Gemini client test page

Unicode and emojis in domain names! I set up some silly domains so you don't have to.

My old-fashioned HTTP website

Since you're visiting from Gemini, you might not be scared by the unformatted HTML.


An orbit is a ring of Gemini pages linking to each other (like a webring on the web, but for Gemini).

Space Elevator - The quickest way into orbit

Next Page

Previous Page

Random Page

Omloppsbanan - An orbit of capsules by Swedish geminauts

Next Page

Previous Page

Random Page

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) - The first orbit

Next Page

Previous Page

Random Page


See this page!

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