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spartan:// is a client-to-server protocol designed for hobbyists. Spartan draws on ideas from gemini, gopher, and http to create something new, yet familiar. It strives to be simple, fun, and inspiring.

Spartan sends ASCII-encoded, plaintext requests over TCP. Arbitrary text and binary files are supported for both upload and download. Like gemini, the default hypertext document in spartan is text/gemini. A special line type ("=:") is used to prompt for input. Spartan has four status codes: "success", "redirect", "server error", and "client error".

Spartan is not opinionated about how or what you use it for, only that you have fun doing so!

spartan protocol - specification

spartan protocol - design goals

spartan protocol - examples

spartan protocol - reference server

spartan protocol - reference client

Comparison: gemini:// vs. spartan://

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For inquiries, contact michael@mozz.us

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