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17:50 - not only did i get a scholarship, i apparently got a pell grant too! and the pell grant is for more than tuition costs! playing with house money now, hopefully things work out


17:55 - well i got a scholarship, finally, once they actually bothered to look at my application


19:14 - update: school didn't even look at my application for extra financial aid. here's to hoping for a refund, i guess?


20:16 - guess what? i'm on the hook for practically the entire tuition this semester despite my guidance counselor telling me i'd get a lot of financial aid. here's to hoping the school decides to give me extra financial aid, i guess


00:44 - just found a fanfiction of 311,916 words. that would take almost 26 hours to read at a steady 200 wpm pace with no breaks.


16:24 - update: got a 78 on the calc final, so I did better than I thought. passed the class with a B-, so i'll get credit


14:23 - even still suck at remembering to update this. probably flunked my calc final but hey, my senior year is finally coming to a close!


17:25 - still suck at remembering to update this. gf broke up with me a few weeks ago and i'm sad. what's new?


15:00 - have i mentioned that i suck at remembering to update this?


05:08 - hey! i haven't posted here often, but my girlfriend kissed me on the cheek and i literally can't stop smiling. i love her with all my heart.


08:32 - in case you're wondering why I stuck to the 90s and didn't convert the 2000s stuff, it's because the 90s stories are basically the first arc of BOFH in my eyes. he suffers his ambiguous end in the last '99 story (narrated by the PFY), so I figure it's a nice place to stop.

08:31 - converted all of the BOFH stories from 1995-99 to gemtext and put it here on gemini.


15:19 - so I almost forgot this existed. sorry about that. I should be better about this in future


05:21 - finally back to online school after thanksgiving break today (technically in ~7 and a half hours). feeling hopeful!


00:24 - it does! nice!

00:24 - i think this should show up as a new UTC day?


23:12 - sharing the gospel of Stream of Consciousness in ircs://, feels good

11:01 - well, rainloop decided to send the message while i was in the middle of writing it so that's a good fucking start

10:45 - now to send it to the ML and get completely crushed! woo!

10:45 - it's published!

10:04 - working on getting this code polished to where I can release it

09:42 - forgot to make the post-from-gemini thing percent-decode the post before posting it, whoops. should be fixed now

09:39 - just setting up my ~~twttr~~ strmfcnscnss

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