LEO is an orbit, a term used here to mean "a webring but for Gemini instead of the web". The name is both a play on Low Earth Orbit, as well as the constellation Leo, the Lion.

How to join LEO

To join LEO, here's what you need to do:

1. Link to `gemini://tilde.team/~khuxkm/leo/` on your page. This is what will get the indexer to notice your page.

2. Make sure your page is indexed by geminispace.info (gemini://geminispace.info/). Its backlink page is what drives the indexer.

3. Also include a link to one of the following:

<your url> should be percent-encoded and contain the scheme (i.e; "gemini%3A%2F%2Ftilde.team%2F~khuxkm%2Fleo%2F").

If your page links to this page and at least one (1) of the links above, your page will be added to the orbit the next time the indexer runs.

Also, only one page can be added to the orbit per capsule (capsule being defined as the host:port, as well as optional userdir). This is to prevent any one person from flooding LEO with their own pages.

How do I start my own orbit?

To start your own orbit, download Molniya at the link below. Place it in a gemini root, and modify config.py as directed in Molniya's README.

Molniya (will take you to HTTP land, tildegit.org)

Can I be added to the list manually? (or "Can I be removed from the list?")

Sure! To be added or removed from the list manually, contact me at khuxkm <PLUS> leo <AT> tilde <DOT> team.

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