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Welcome to the second iteration of this page! This capsule brought to you by the number 2.


I used to have a website, both for self-expression and as a sort of experiment to see how many users I could attract from a short web link displayed prominently on an article of clothing (the answer is about 40 in one year). Now instead of a website I have a Gemini capsule! I guess this is also an experiment for me in expressing myself on the small web. Plus, all the cool kids seem to be making personal homepages these days. I might as well get in on it.

More (but not that much more) about me

Things by me



Rants & Ramblings

Gemlog (mostly used to track updates to this capsule)

Things not by me

(that I wanted to share)


This capsule is hosted on, thanks to the generosity of Adële!


Emi's maze is the forefront of Gemini MMO gaming. Or you could think of it as a message board with a very weird layout.


Konpeito is a nice little quarterly mixtape.


This capsule is part of the LEO orbit (Low Earth Orbit orbit?). It's easier than doing proper self promotion!

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I will always suggest people play Eyewire, a citizen science game where you map neurons. It has the most fun diffculty curve of any citizen science game I know of and a small, but very friendly community!


The Junk Drawer

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