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Posted on 2022-01-29 on OMG(ay).

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The internet is a big place that's being held hostage by gatekeepers like Zucknet, Google, and other large corporations to make those sweet dolla dolla bills on your data. The early form of the net empowered people to make things, now we have algorythims to keep us glued as long as possible to their app, endlessly consuming to sell your eyeballs to who ever is going to pay them the most.

Sometimes they're just plain old toxic

Granted there are a couple of things that started to propel some creators to express themselves before the platform turned evil.

Now with the NFT and Crypto Bros pulling every scam they can on whatever the fuck Web 3.0 is supposed to be, the corporate internet is getting more awful by the moment.

Granted the internet will never again be the way it was in the 90s being able to follow your way around, site by site, person by person, no search engines deciding what results to give you depending on the brand of toothpaste you just bought, but we have smol net.

Smol net let's you bypass all the SEO noise, you can see what people create for fun and not to try and desperately grab likes and subscribes. There are protocols like Gemini and Gopher, or you can check one of the people run link sites to hit up pages on the smol web that the search engines find little interest in.

If you're a bit techy and happy to run your own servers, or if you're not smol net has a way for you to pop in easily.

More info on Gemini

Easy Gemini / Web provider

Public Access UNIX System (web / gemini / gopher hosting)

sourcehut pages (gemini / static web)

Neocities (web like geocities)

Be free, be smol, and tell Zuck to go get fucked.

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